Thursday, 25 July 2013

Second talk - 50% Increase in audience size

It's extremely gratifying to be able to announce that there were almost 70 people at last nights' talk about some of the iconic hostelries in Preston.

Considering that it's the first time I've given these particular talks, the length of them has been almost ideal - around 75 minutes.

In the next talk we'll take a nostalgic look at many of the town center inns and taverns around the ancient Market Square, the majority of which nobody will recall - or will they?

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Now that's progress!

I am always looking for ways to publicise the things that I do. The thinking behind it all is that new ideas, new material and new contacts can lead to having more to talk about, more to write about, and more to get other people involved with.

Two things have happened this week:

1.  I've been offered a monthly slot on Preston FM 103.2, along with the Editor of "THE PRESTON MAGAZINE," Heather Crook. She also publishes "THE PENWORTHAM MAGAZINE" and the "LOSTOCK HALL MAGAZINE" 

All the magazines are FREE of charge, and available in many shops and other public places.

     We'll be talking about all manner of things that have a local, historical flavour. 

2.   I've been given the chance to write a full page on a weekly basis, for the Lancashire Evening Post 'Retro' section.

In addition to writing about various aspects of my blog:

I'm hoping to introduce other features that will possibly encourage others to take an interest in the history of their home town or area.

Whilst the blog restricts its interest to the old borough of Preston, the LEP's readership is far wider, and so I'll be hoping to introduce a county pub or three.

Write to me here if you'd like to be included.

Friday, 12 July 2013

First Night Learning Curve

First night of the talks: The talk about the Old Invincibles on Wednesday 10th was an enjoyable event to present. I just hope it went down well with the audience of just less than 50 who had managed to tear themselves away from their barbecues and sun-loungers!

Obviously I would have been happier if there had been more people present, but I think that this is the first time a series of talks have been offered in this way, so I've got nothing to judge it against.

It isn't easy presenting facts when there is very little, if any, evidence. Ironically, the  inns and taverns that featured in the local press were the ones where there was trouble. The absence of such stories would suggest that the inns that the footballers ran were, by and large, well run.

One or two photographs were taken on the night and will be added to the blog shortly.

I had a half-hour slot on Preston FM 103.2, this morning, when I had the opportunity to explain to listeners about the origins of my blog -, and how the Talks in the Park were produced as a result of the research behind the blog. Let's hope there were plenty of listeners! Thank you to Will Buckley of Preston FM for giving me the opportunity.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Background to "Talks in the Park"

It's strange how things evolve. A chance conversation with a friend of mine, about a talk having been cancelled by the speaker in the New Pavilion on Avenham Park in Preston. It was suggested by her that I should offer to take the place of that speaker.

I spoke to Don Ingham, the Park's Manager for Preston City Council, and before the conversation with him had finished, I'd formulated the loose idea of hiring the Pavilion, and presenting a series of talks myself. The idea is still in its infancy, and it may well be that in time I will arrange talks there, given by third-party speakers about matters with which I know nothing.

I have chosen today to create a "Talks in the Park" blog, it being just 24 hours before I present the first of my FIVE talks, "Invincibles to INN-vincibles," a story about Preston North End's footballers who chose a career in the licensed trade after they had hung up their boots.

I think that at this stage, all that could be done to publicise the events has been done. I don't feel that I could have done more. We'll know tomorrow whether its been sufficient.

The following is a piece from the Lancashire Evening Post of the 9th July, 2013. The timing of it is absolutely perfect.
Lancashire Evening Post   9th July 2013