Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Background to "Talks in the Park"

It's strange how things evolve. A chance conversation with a friend of mine, about a talk having been cancelled by the speaker in the New Pavilion on Avenham Park in Preston. It was suggested by her that I should offer to take the place of that speaker.

I spoke to Don Ingham, the Park's Manager for Preston City Council, and before the conversation with him had finished, I'd formulated the loose idea of hiring the Pavilion, and presenting a series of talks myself. The idea is still in its infancy, and it may well be that in time I will arrange talks there, given by third-party speakers about matters with which I know nothing.

I have chosen today to create a "Talks in the Park" blog, it being just 24 hours before I present the first of my FIVE talks, "Invincibles to INN-vincibles," a story about Preston North End's footballers who chose a career in the licensed trade after they had hung up their boots.

I think that at this stage, all that could be done to publicise the events has been done. I don't feel that I could have done more. We'll know tomorrow whether its been sufficient.

The following is a piece from the Lancashire Evening Post of the 9th July, 2013. The timing of it is absolutely perfect.
Lancashire Evening Post   9th July 2013

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